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This time i have decided to tell you people what a blog is…

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       And once again a new semester started on 4th of July… Most of the faces were bubbling in joy as the have got placed in good companies… And the most anticipated Time-Table was also released.. God.. We have got the whole Friday as Free and most of afternoon classes were free.. After two days of class, we got a first weekend of three free days..

   Everybody started discussing how to kill time on those 72 hrs… Finally we guys zeroed at watching the movie ” APPOCALYPTO ” ( A real good movie.. I’ve watched it already in DVD )  .. Though we’re placed in MNCs we’re still  weeaak in ECONOMY.. So we decided to go in 10 Rs ticket and Sarath ( I’ll talk about this MACHO – PSYCHO later ) suggested to go for INOX as we can get 10 Rs ticket easily..  All Day Scholars were supposed to arrive to theatre premises around 9 ( Too Early..? No No.. Then only you can get 10 Rs ticket )..

  Time: 10:00 pm

                       Someone from Room No 5 , suggested to check the show timings in WEB …

START->IEXPLORER->WWW.LIVETHEMOVIE.COM (enter)… There came the thunder blow for all our plans.. Shows were only in evening.. Though you can get tickets in morning itself, nobody was interested in travelling twice (Yes, One person One ticket )..

So the plan was changed around 11 and message was sent to every Day Scholar.. Some guys were upset and some suggested to go somewhere else..  It was decided finally to go for the most exciting, lively, romantic, interesting, joyous place in Chennai.. Yes it is Marina Beach ( actually we decided it as it costs us only the Bus Charge )…

6th July, Friday…

( Open Your eyes Vijayan idiot, its late )… Ah.. I lock opened my MOTOROLA .. It glowed as 11:40….  Huh.. What a bad day.. Breakfast..? Who cares..? Got up from bed and finished all my morning works in noon and went to mess with Subu…

Started playing cards @ 2.. Kapil and Sundu came to room.. No other day scholar were ready to come for Beach… (Even I Hated it… God.. Why did I wake so soon.. See, i feel sleepy now… )

3:00 pm  : playing Rummy

4:00 pm : playing ASS

5:00 pm : playing 5 cards

6:00 pm : playing Rummy

7:00 pm : playing ASS

7:30 pm : dispersed for dinner.. Kapil and Sundu went back to their home

8:00 pm : started Cards again….


8th July, Sunday..

11:00 pm : playing ASS

12:00 pm : playing 5 cards

( side by side we finished our food also, not shown here.. )

How was this post..? Vey boring and sluggish la..? padicha ungalukkae ippadina, anubhavicha engalukku eppadi irunthirukkum…. 😦

Addutha talk la paarkalam

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                         This is my fourth post entirely dedicated to our beloved ” DEDICATED PLACEMENT REPRESENTATIVE ” . ( Actually this post was forced to write by him.. [:)] ) 

    He is very dedicated, as he calls himself, very devoted, sincere, student friendly al those blah blah blah…

   Enough, letz become serious… He is a near perfect guy, a technical geek, a mini TAGUCHI … I think these  are enough to explain him..

      he was chosen as PR by us last year and he indeed re-paid us with all those guidings, coachings etc  ( MACHAN, PUGAZHNTHADHU PODHUMA )

 I deserve a special thanks to him, THANKS MACHI….

I really thank God for bringing this wonderful person into our life…..

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                             In my last talk I told, how dare was my friend  Vijayan, in his interview… When he wasn’t able to make into TCS, he was a bit ( actually ver much 🙂 ) disappointed and frightened… ( but he didin’t show it 😉 )

          Perhaps, he was expecting to join in CTS only as he felt more comfortable with CTS rather than TCS ( wooh!! wat a confusion )… well, he started putting some real effort , taking it very seriously…

          And as usual he cleared the written with ease and got into interview next day.. He was assigned panel No. 4 and made to wait for nearly 3 hours outside the hall.. It was drizzling slightly outside ( never mind., I sweated more than that drizzle ).. He was called in at 10.30 and surprisingly there was only one person.


Interviewer was a bit elder and very calm ( comparing those TCS people, it looked like they’re 100 times better than him ).. IV went in an interesting way.. It took so many Ups and Downs and in the end it took a deep  turn sloping downwards.. Most of his replies were like , I’m sorry Sir, I donno.. No.. Hmmm Hmmm.. Desperately , he left the hall and returned to room.. Gosh , room was locked and the key was with Subu.. He moved to Canteen.. Subu, Hari & Dinesh welcomed him with same sad face.. ( Hurrah, I got a company for next interview )

Didn’t have lunch even and as he was in no mood to get the results, he went outside and around four, he got amessage from Mukund ( Our dedicated PR- He calls himself like that only ), stating that i’ve been selected.. Man what to say….. He was in cloud nine , ten , twenty, hundred, infinty…

         Fine.. He returned back at seven and enjoyed the cheering moment.. To his surprise, all those three sad faces ( Subu, Hari and Dinesh ) were also selected… They have returned just after having their Party In RK foods ..

    Next day , he and Subu went to Collect the letter from CUIC..   With  25K during probation time, 5 days a week, 8 Hrs a day and nearly 20 full days of leave , this one is a real good offer…

              Thus vijayan, transformed into an Engineer from an Engineering Student..

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Welcome back…….,

     Vanakkam…..  This time I’m gonna tell you my friend Vijayan’s NIGHT MARE .. Yes it is the most waited , dreadliest of all and the ultimate aim of any person like him  – Getting into some company through CR .. This time Campus started for him on June.. First company was TCS .. 

            It consisted of two phases, aptitude test and the interview..He cleared apt test with ease and interview was on next day.. He was very confident and prepared to crack the HR interview.. He had two interviewers .. Question was mostly very general and only few questions were asked in tech side…  Alas, there was the pitfall for him.. He was asked , if he has any Que to ask from his side.. God..!Please forgive him.. He asked a dumb question like this..

     WILL I GET ANY PERKS, IF I MARRY A GIRL FROM TCS….?    HR people were laughing like anything and thus ended the interview .. Results were announced next day.. Nearly 1000 out of 1300 ppl who attende the interview were selected, but Vijayan was in those 300 ppl list..

    Know what Vijayan said, BETTER LUCK TCS NEXT TIME… 🙂

Meet you in my next TALK and explain how he got into COGNIZANT…

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Hello buddies…, first of all I thank you all for spending some time on my blog.. As this is the first time blogging for me, I dont want to make it elaborate speech…

      Let me tell about my closest pal, with whom i’m wandering since my birth.. yes of course itz me, Vijayan… He is a such a nice guy, i’ve seen ever…Very Very jovial, who never worries et etc  ( my modesty is preventing me not to tell more )…

        He is currently doing his final year of B.E degree in one of the country’s premier engineering institute… Well he got place too ( COGNIZANT – Where Dynamic minds like him work ).. I’ll tell more about him in the fore-coming blogs.. and i’m signinig off now.. meet all you ppl in my next speech..                 

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